《女人抗爭,場仗未完》 strajk kobiet trwa

導演:maria malinowska|波蘭語(中英字幕)|2017|波蘭|52 分鐘|彩色

director: maria malinowska| polish with chinese and english subtitles|2017 / poland / 52 min. / color

日期 date 時間 time 地點 location
4/11/2018 星期日 (sun) 14:30 香港婦女勞工協會
14/11/2018 星期三 (wed) 19:30 # 香港中文大學
查詢電話:8101 2056)

# cuhk
(detail location please pay attention to the notice around mtr station, there will be “lead-way-tour" at 7:15pm and 7:30pm at the mtr station. we will make sure the screening only start after the arrival of all “lead-way’tours".
enquiry:8101 2056)











the women’s strike goes on (strajk kobiet trwa)

the film depicts the history of female employees of public nurseries in poznan, which in 2011 has began to fight the marginalization of women’s work. the reason was a drop in workers wages and an attempt to privatize poznan nurseries. in response to activities of the municipal office, carers’ have joined the trade union fighting for the wage increases, improved working conditions, threatened the authorities with the strike and ultimately blocked the privatization of nurseries. however, their protest is still not over. until today, none of the political forces on the city council have taken any significant steps to curb the exploitation of women. employees still demand higher wages, shorter working day, lower fees for parents and more places in nurseries.

conflict at their workplace has initiated a long battle to change the social and budgetary policy of the city and enhance the spheres to which women are assigned, among others care, social welfare, education, culture. the caregivers also began to speak out loudly that household duties related to the maintenance of the family, are usually on their shoulders, this is why they will continue fighting for the commonly available health service with the possibility of terminating pregnancy.

protests against tightening of abortion law prove that women pose a real threat to prevailing power relations. however, this is not the only manifestation of their strength in recent years. “women’s strike goes on” shows that women’s resistance in poland has its history.





就業及社區服務樂聚軒與聚賢社一班婦女,觀賞完社運電影節一部有關照顧者的波蘭紀錄片 《女人抗爭,場仗未完》後,談到香港的照顧者問題,還有坊間熱議的「明日大嶼」計劃,當中一些婦女就認為,不建人工島,可以用儲備來做全民退休保障、照顧者支援和改善醫療福利。
女人有Say,照顧者也要有Say!// 更多相片~





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